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Building a Hit Counter with PHP, HTML and CSS

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Learn how PHP is implemented in HTML and CSS.

This 4 Chapter Tutorial is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes in length. Recorded in High Definition format with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720. This is like no tutorial you have ever seen on your computer screen. Mike uses a split screen recording technique that allows the viewer to see the editor and the browser window at the same time so as changes are made they are quickly visualized in the browser. No jumping back and forth between files. I have received some very positive feedback on this instruction technique and have been utilizing this technique in many of my more recent videos.

This is a good class for seeing how PHP is incorporated into our HTML pages to perform functions outside the scope of HTML and CSS. A good introduction class to PHP and dynamic web application implementations.

A complete Chapter Listing with Preview Videos is listed below.

Length: 1:40:00

Level: Beginner

In the tutorial series we begin by demonstrating what we plan to build in the series, the steps we will follow and the core knowledge and tools that will be needed to complete the exercises. This tutorial is written at a beginner level.

Some of the Topics Covered in thie Tutorial

  • Confirm the development environment is up and running.
  • Discuss the text editor that we use for the file creation.
  • Create the sample web site.
  • Create the flat text file for storing out data.
  • Change file permissions on the text file to make it accessible.
  • Create the first PHP script to count total hits.
  • Discuss the PHP documentation and review functions.
  • Create a new text file for our page counts.
  • Update the website pages and prepare them for the new PHP script.
  • Add additional web site pages to demonstrate how easy it is to grow the site.
  • Building an Admin Section to view the data.

Building a PHP Hit Counter.

Chapter 1 - Building our WebSite

Subject Area: Length
We create a four page sample web site to use as our site as we build our hit counter. This is a very simple web site page structure just going over the fundamentals to get the sample site functional. We cover basic HTML5 document structure and link structure as we complete the site. Create the text file for storing our data. Discuss the chmod process for file access on a web server. 21:20

Chapter 2 - Writing our First Script

Subject Area: Length
We begin chapter two by writing our first PHP script. This script opens out text file and updates the count information written to it. Line by line we discuss the PHP file so that the viewer is comfortable with the commands that we have used to generate the file and understands how these PHP functions operate. We discuss the PHP documentation and I take the viewer through a tour of the available documentation on the PHP web site and instruct them on how to get additional information on the language. 21:20

Chapter 3 - Working with Advanced Functions of PHP

Subject Area: Length
In this section of the tutorial series we build a much more advanced PHP hit counter script that looks at the number of hits that occur on each page of the web site. We start by creating a new text file to store our additional information. We update the web site pages to uniquely identify them to the PHP script. We discuss how the new PHP script is written dynamically so that if you add additional pages to the web site they are added to the text file and tracked. 26:35

Chapter 4 - Let's add an Administrative Panel

Subject Area: Length
In this section of the tutorial we add an administrative section to our sample web site that allows us to view the hits on the web pages without having to open the text file. We add an admin page that reads the text file and displays that information in a table on a web page. We also use CSS to format the admin page and give it a much more professional appearance. 29:46

The entire course is priced at only: ... $8.00

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