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Over 26 hours of High Definition videos on the HTML Scripting language.

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The Complete HTML Course

This is the course to learn HTML / HTML5

Course Updated September 2016

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Over 26 hours of High Definition videos on the HTML scripting language

What the preview video below for an overview of the course.

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The tutorial previews that are available below, are recorded in 1280 x 720 resolution, they will open in an HTML5 video player window and you will need an up to date browser to view them. This is the same resolution as the downloaded videos.

This is a true HTML Training course written for anyone that really wants to understand and learn the HTML / HTML5 scripting language. I have spent over 6 months developing this course and making certain that nothing is assumed when writting and recording the course lessons. I go step by step from the beginning of the history of HTML, through the tags that are used in the Mark Up Language and then we wrap up the course with a step by step instuctions on building a 4 page web site that incorporates almost all the subjects that we covered in the training.

If you really want to learn HTML and how web developers use the scripting language for developing websites, this is the course for you.

I approach the subject of the HTML Mark Up language as if you, the viewer, know nothing about HTML and developing websites for the World Wide Web.

I teach the course with numerous examples of how the tags are used, reinforcement of the principles of tag use and structure with slide presentations, to when to use the different types of CSS styling, this course covers it all.

As with all my courses this course also includes all the slide presentations that I use throughout the training. The presentations are included in PDF format so that you can follow along with the discussions and make notes on the slides as we work through the training. I also include all the exercise files for each lesson.

Once you purchase the course, when updates and changes are made to the course material you will automatically receive an email notification of the changes and a download link for the free updates. I do this with all my courses. Make certain we have an accurate email address to take advantage of this offer.

Take your training with you. The downloads are included in mp4 format and can be played on all hand held devices that support mp4 videos.

A complete Chapter Listing with Preview Videos is listed below.

The Complete HTML Course

Chapter 1 - Learning the Basics
Topic Name Length
Introducing HTML 10:31
Course Pre-Requisites 5:25
Creating your First HTML Page 11:54
Understanding the HTML Tag Structure 15:48 Preview
Block Level Elements 24:07
In-Line Level Elements 15:00
Coding Elements 16:56 Preview
Coding Attributes 22:43
Comments and WhiteSpace 13:10
Chapter Review 00:00
Chapter Length 2:15:34
Chapter 2 - Learning Tags
Topic Name Length
Headings 9:19
Paragraphs and Break Tags 10:38
Anchor Tags - Part 1 27:26
Anchor Tags - Part 2 16:23
Email Links and Tool Tips 14:29
The Image Tag 32:43
The Horizontal Rule Tag 14:42
Character Entities in HTML 13:40
Building Tables in HTML - Part 1 19:03
Building Tables in HTML - Part 2 37:19
Chapter Length 3:15:34
Chapter 3 - Learning Tags - Part 2
Building List in HTML 36:40
The Span Element 37:12
The DIV Element - Part 1 30:56
The DIV Element - Part 2 47:40
Using the Block Quote Element 8:37
Using the Strong Element 8:23
The SubScript and Super SubScript Elements 6:34
The Abbreviation Element 11:09
The Cite and Address Elements 8:33
Chapter Length 3:15:44
Chapter 4 - An Introduction to CSS - CSS Primer
Introducing CSS 19:16 Preview
CSS Syntax 24:13
Units of Measurements 37:29
Working with Font Families in CSS 30:10
The Box Model - Part 1 28:44
The Box Model - Part 2 43:20
Implementing Styles in our HTML Documents 31:37
Adding Color to our HTML Documents 19:32
Using Backgrounds 32:32
Child Selectors in CSS 18:49
Positioning using Floats in CSS - Part 1 41:40
Positioning using Floats in CSS - Part 2 31:55
Positioning using Relative Positioning 28:59
Positioning using Absolute Positioning 16:36
Positioning using Fixed Positioning 26:28
Understanding the Z-Index in CSS 9:00
Chapter Length 7:20:20
Chapter 5 - An Introduction to Forms in HTML
Introducing Forms 29:25
Using CheckBoxes in HTML 21:10
Using Radio Buttons in HTML 15:05
Using Select Lists in HTML 14:11
Grouping Items in our Forms 13:53
Using Text Areas in HTML 13:47
Implementing Password Fields in HTML 10:15
Adding Buttons to our Forms 15:24
Adding Labels to our Forms 26:06
Setting the Tab Index 9:22
Working with Tables in our Forms 37:01
Styling our Forms 45:38
Understanding GET and POST 8:22
Chapter Length 4:19:39
Chapter 6 - Building our Project WebSite
An Overview of the Project 15:28
Our WebSite Directory Structure 9:48
Building the Page Templates 9:00
Building the Header - Home Page 16:16
Styling the Main Menu 20:48
Setting up the Main Page Sections 7:51
Adding the Main Content 18:38
Adding the Side Bar Content 12:28
Adding the Bottom Section Content 18:16
Adding the Footer 25:05
Adding the Header and Footer - Photo Page 12:57
Adding Section 1 - Photo Page 14:05
Preparing our Photos 9:52
Completing the Photo Page 19:38
Adding the Header and Footer - Hobby Page 11:09
Adding Left Side - Hobby Page 13:37
Adding Main Subject - Hobby Page 17:22
Adding Right Side - Hobby Page 12:57
Adding header and Footer - Contact Page 10:33
Building our Form - Contact Page 27:27
Styling our Form - Contact Page 22:10
Building the Process PHP Application 18:15
Chapter Length 5:43:40

The entire course is priced at only: ... $30.00

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