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An Introduction to JavaScript

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A Beginners Guide to the JavaScript Programming Language.

This 20 Section Tutorial is approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes in length. Recorded in High Definition format with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720. It is recorded with the absolute beginner in mind as Mike walks you step-by-step through learning how JavaScript is implemented in web development.

This tutorial covers the fundamentals of the JavaScript programming language and explains and demonstrates in detail how JavaScript is used in web development programming.

A complete section listing of the topics covered and a brief description of each section is listed below.

We wrap up the lessons by completing 2 projects in JavaScript that reinforce the fundamentals that you have learned throughout the training and utilize the core concepts that have been covered and even introduce a few new ones for you to experiment with.

As with all my courses this course also includes all the slide presentations that I use throughout the training. The presentation are included in PDF format so that you can follow along with the discussions and make notes on the slides as we work through the training. I also include all the exercise files for each lesson.

Once you purchase the course, when updates and changes are made to the course material you will automatically receive an email notification of the changes and a download link for the free updates. I do this with all my courses. Make certain we have an accurate email address to take advantage of this offer.

Take your training with you. The downloads are included in mp4 format and can be played on all hand held devices that support mp4 videos.

A complete Chapter Listing with a Preview Videos is listed below.

Length: 3:55:00

Level: Beginner

In this tutorial series we cover the core fundamentals of JavaScript Programming.

An Introduction to JavaScript.

Section 1 - An Introduction

Subject Area: Length
An introduction to the course material and what we plan to cover in the course. What you will need to complete the training, course requirements. 8:26

Section 2 - Adding JavaScript to HTML

Subject Area: Length
In Section 2 of the lesson series we discuss and demonstrate how we add JavaScript to our HTML documents and the proper technique for positioning JavaScript code in our applications. 5:50

Section 3 - Working with Pop Up boxes in JavaScript

Subject Area: Length
In Section 3 we begin to dive into JavaScript. We demonstrate the different pop up boxes that are available in the JavaScript programming language. We demonstrate and discuss how these boxes can be used to assist us in the development of our code. 6:01

Section 4 - The Document Write Method

Subject Area: Length
In Section 4 of the series we demonstrate how to use the document.write method in JavaScript to output JavaScript returns into our HTML document. We begin to discuss the built in methods in JavaScript and how they are used in our programming. 8:04

Section 5 - Variables

Subject Area: Length
Variables are an important aspect of all programming languages and JavScript is no exception. In this lesson we demonstrate how variables are implemented, the different types of variables available and how we can use them in our programming. 9:57

Section 6 - Functions

Subject Area: Length
Functions allow us to write code that can be reused throughout our application. In this lesson we begin to work with functions in JavaScript. We demonstrate the proper syntax for functions and how they can be added to our code to make our programming more consistent and reusable. 15:06

Section 7 - Functions a Deeper Dive

Subject Area: Length
We continue our discussion on Functions and look at some of the advanced features of using functions in our applications. We experiment with returning values and how those values can be included in our HTML pages. 7:34

Section 8 - The While Loop

Subject Area: Length
Loops play a big role in application development. The While Loop is one of the loops available in JavaScript that allows us to repeat the execution of code without having to rewrite the code for each repetition. While Loops are used quite often to extract information from Arrays in programming. 10:57

Section 9 - The For Loop

Subject Area: Length
Another Loop that is very popular in programming is the For Loop. For Loops are more often used when we know how many repetitions a group of code will need to execute. We demonstrate uses of the For Loop and discuss how it is used in the application development process. 7:16

Section 10 - The Do-While Loop

Subject Area: Length
The Do-While Loop is very unique in programming. It holds the distinction of the only loop that will execute its code at least one time regardless of the condition of the loop counter. If you have to insure at least one execution of the code that you are writing, then the Do-While loop is the loop for that task. 7:54

Section 11 - Arrays

Subject Area: Length
The ability to store multiple values in a single variable name is where the array comes in. If you have a large amount of data that is related, an array is an excellent choice for storing that data. In this lesson we demonstrate the use of arrays in JavaScript and how the information in the arrays can be added to and extracted from the array variable. 9:40

Section 12 - Conditional Statements

Subject Area: Length
The ability for a program to base code execution on conditions is a fundamental aspect of any programming language. In this lesson we begin our demonstration on Conditional Statements in JavaScript and how they are used in our programming. 16:33

Section 13 - Conditional Statements - Part 2

Subject Area: Length
In this lesson we dive into the Switch Statement one of the most misunderstood conditional statements in programming. If you have a large amount of conditions that you are checking against the Switch Statement is the right choice for that programming block of code. 15:06

Section 14 - Introduction to the DOM (Document Object Model)

Subject Area: Length
The true power of JavaScript comes into full view when you understand all the objects and events that are available in your web document. Understanding how the DOM is used in programming JavaScript is a very important aspect of that language. In this lesson we dive into the DOM in preparation for the next few lessons and all the cool things that are available once we understand how the DOM operates. 12:51

Section 15 - Events in JavaScript

Subject Area: Length
We have been building to this point since we started the training. Now it starts to get fun. Working with the events that occur across our web application and HTML elements we can have JavaScript perform many tasks based on the users input. In this lesson we begin to experiment with how those user interactions can be harnessed to manipulate our web application and our document to perform tasks based on the users interactions with the site or application. 11:40

Section 16 - Modifying our HTML using Events

Subject Area: Length
We dig deeper into events in JavaScript and demonstrate how we can make modifications to the HTML content utilizing the events in JavaScript. We also look at just how many events are availble in JavaScript and how using development tools we can view how events are interacting with your document. 7:04

Section 17 - Event Listeners in JavaScript

Subject Area: Length
We go back and review how we utilized events to this point and then demonstrate the "Best Pratices" design on how event listeners are used to better form our code structure. EventListeners are a "Best Practice" to utilize events in JavaScript and allow us many new techniques that are not available utilizing the attribute standard of events. We demonstrate how best to implement Event Listeners in our code to form our code structure. 15:33

Section 18 - JavaScript Syntax Tips

Subject Area: Length
We demonstrate the many different ways that code can be added to a JavaScript file and discuss some of the newer techniques for building functions. I also discuss what will be upcoming in the Intermediate lessons in the future and where you should go next as you build on your JavaScript knowledge. 11:28

Section 19 - Project 1 - Age Verification System

Subject Area: Length
Using the concepts that we have studied throughout the training we build a smple age verification system using many of the core features of the JavaScript programming language. We practice and reinforce many of the concepts that we learned throughout the training. 13:58

Section 20 - Project 2 - Name Sorting with a Dynamic Array

Subject Area: Length
This project is much more complex than the first. In this project we create an Array using a form on our page and input names to the array from that form. We display the names as they are created on our page and then write the names to the array. We then build functions that will sort the Array in a forward sort list and a reverse sort list triggered by buttons on our page. We cover all the fundamentals from our training not covered in the first project and introduce some intermediate programming concepts of JavaScript. 32:15

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