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Build a Secure Login and Registration Application

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Login / Registration Application

  Having a secure login system is critical to many website designs. Having a way to verify your users emails also plays an important role in building your client email list and insuring that the emails provided are accurate. During this tutorial series I will walk you step-by-step through the process of building your own secure Login and Registration application. Having the ability to control access to different areas of your site gives you the ability to control your content and how it is viewed by the users of the site.

This 7 Section Tutorial Series is over 11 hours in length and consists of 47 video chapters on building a secure PHP-MySQL-HTML-CSS Login applications. Recorded in High Definition format with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720. The training was developed with the beginner web developer in mind as Mike will walk you step-by-step through building your web application. The technologies covered include PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS. Everything is explained in detail and Mike has even included a Password Strength meter, written in JavaScript to include with the exercise files.

This video lesson series covers all the fundamentals of building a secure login system that requires an email validation to set your users to an active state. We cover many of the advanced techniques used in PHP7 in the development of this application. We discuss how to set and destroy sessions, how to set cookies, we build a database in MySQL, we read and write to the database through the application, and you learn the fundamentals of data management using MySQL and PHP7.

A complete section listing of the topics covered and a brief description of each section is listed below.

Once the series is completed you will have the knowledge to build your web sites that allow for different page availabilities based on a users logged in status.

As with all my courses this course also includes all the slide presentations that I use throughout the training. The presentation are included in PDF format so that you can follow along with the discussions and make notes on the slides as you work through the training. I also include all the exercise files for the application.

Once you purchase the course, when updates and changes are made to the course material you will automatically receive an email notification of the changes and a download link for the free updates. I do this with all my courses. To keep you up to date with any additions or changes that have been made to the material. Make certain we have an accurate email address to take advantage of this offer.

Take your training with you. The downloads are included in mp4 format and can be played on all hand held devices that support the mp4 video format.

A complete Chapter Listing is listed below.

Length: 11:35:42

Level: Beginner

In this video series we cover building a secure Login and Registration Application for your website.

Building a Secure PHP Login / Registration Application

Section 1 - Introduction

Subject Area: Length
An Introduction 5:45
Our Completed Project 8:47
Setting Up Our Files 7:01
Refactoring Our Code 34:42
Beginning Our Structure 14:01
Creating the Database 10:47
The Database Connection 9:44
Database Functions in PHP 17:38
Testing Our Functions 10:00
General Functions in PHP 24:01

Section 2 - Registration Validation

Subject Area: Length
Beginning the Validation Code 21:53
Continuing the Validation Code 22:31
More on Validation 15:22
Adding a Password Strength Meter 11:57
One Additional Step 5:57

Section 3 - Registering on the Site

Subject Area: Length
Beginning Our Registration Code 14:16
Adding Additional Registration Code 19:43
Session Messages 10:58
Building Our Activation Email 10:12
User Activation 39:14

Section 4 - Logging into the Site

Subject Area: Length
Validate the Login Data 19:30
Starting Our Login Code 18:10
Login Code - Part 2 14:13
The Logout Process 10:04

Section 5 - Login Features

Subject Area: Length
Remember Me Feature 24:37
Recover a Password - Part 1 18:56
Recover a Password - Part 2 18:01
Recover a Password - Part 3 14:47
Recover a Password - Part 4 15:16
Password Reset - Part 1 28:40
Password Reset - Part 2 19:23
Controlling Access 17:00

Section 6 - Moving Our Site On-Line

Subject Area: Length
Getting Web Hosting 16:47
Building the Live Database 10:38
A New Configuration File 18:52
Changes to the URL's 15:43
Setting Up Our PHPMail Class - Part 1 24:10
Setting Up Our PHPMail Class - Part 2 15:40
Email Templates and More 18:45
Updating the Live Site 15:45

Section 7 - Some Final Updates

Subject Area: Length
Password Check 12:45
Re-Direct Correction 6:29

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