The purpose of OnTargetHTML5 is deliver "High Quality" video training in a variety of web development technologies. Delivering "Best in Class" training while keeping the cost to the user at a minimum.

OnTargetHTML5 will always be open to recommendations and suggestions from the users as to how to improve and update the materials. Suggestions for new classes and subjects are always welcome and encouraged.

Meet Mike

pic of Mike

Mike has been developing and designing web sites for over 17 years. He holds advanced degrees in Computer Science, Software Programming and Organizational Management.

He has worked with major corporations in helping to migrate their technical training programs from instructor led delivery platforms to on-line and mixed delivery platforms. These types of training methodologies better met the needs of their customers in knowledge transfer and JIT (Just In Time) delivery. These implementations led to improved customer satisfaction ratings in training delivery!

Mike has been instrumental in assisting in the development of "Best Practices" in both web development technologies and on line delivery training methodologies for numerous organizations throughout his career.

Mike's focus the last few years has been in the field of Public Safety Communication Systems. He has managed and directed large communication project implementations, on both a software level and Radio Frequency(RF) level. His professional portfolio includes customers from around the world in both Public Safety and Training.

Mike holds certifications in web development, web engineering, network management, Program Management, Instructional Design, micro-wave communications systems, Six Sigma quality and numerous software product certifications from Microsoft, Adobe and Cisco just to name a few.

His passion has always been teaching. Prior to moving into management, Mike served as an RF Data Communications Technical Instructor for a Fortune 50 company, while in that role, he looked for ways to improve the course delivery materials for his organization, making his courses more interactive for the participants. He developed some of the first CBT's (Computer Based Trainings CD's) in the field of RF communications. Many of which are still in use today.

His hobbies include, constant learning of new web engineering technologies, maintaining his websites, playing the guitar and playing golf.

His signature block on many of his professional emails includes the phrase ...

"The Best Way to Predict the Future, is to create it!".
That is a phrase that he lives by...

Thank you for your continued support of OnTargetHTML5.