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Tools for CSS Development

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Title: Tools for CSS Development

Category: CSS / CSS3
Topic: Essential Training Series
Publish Date: 2015-01-09
Views: 114
Author: Mike King


In this tutorial we discuss what is CSS and why are CSS Style sheets so important to our web page development. We discuss a brief history of HTML and how CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) came into being. We discuss the problems that were associated with the implementation of HTML 3.2 and how the W3C incorporated CSS to address the issues associated with styling our web documents. We discuss the required development environment to properly develop CSS Style Sheets and HTML documents. We discuss the APACHE web server and the many text editors that are available for web file development. We demonstrate the APACHE Web server and numerous browsers that I use as I develop my web pages. We begin styling our document and practicing using the elements that were discussed during the presentation portion of the tutorial. We style the html element and the set the styling properties for the body element. We discuss the creation of a responsive web page based on the margin right and margin left settings. We assign a default font for our web page, and set the size for that default font. We complete some basic styling on are default document in preparation for our next tutorial.