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Coding Attributes in HTML

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Title: Coding Attributes in HTML

Category: HTML / HTML5
Topic: Essential Training Series
Publish Date: 2015-01-16
Views: 188
Author: Mike King


In this tutorial we learn about the attributes that are available within our elements both in HTML and HTML5. We demonstrate how to code attributes in our development environment by setting up our basic HTML5 template and then demonstrate using attributes in our element names. Using an image tag we investigate the source attribute, the alternate attribute and explain how the attributes are configured to work properly in HTML. We discuss the use of the alt attribute and the importance of properly configuring this attribute so that we comply with the accessibility requirements for our web site. We demonstrate using the class and the id attribute and how they are used to identify sections of the HTML document for styling. We demonstrate the a tag and the attributes that are associated with the anchor tag. The source attribute, the title attribute and the class attribute are demonstrated and discussed in this portion of the tutorial. We close out the tutorial discussing Boolean attributes and how they are used in HTML elements and how we use this attribute in the design of Forms in HTML.