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Coding Elements in HTML / HTML5

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Title: Coding Elements in HTML / HTML5 Category: HTML / HTML5

Topic: Essential Training Series Publish Date: 2015-01-16

Views: 213

Author: Mike King


This tutorial covers how elements are coded in HTML and HTML5. Working with our basic HTML template we discuss the opening element tags and the closing element tags and how they are formatted in our HTML page. The importance of using tags correctly in our page structure. We discuss empty tags and how they differ from our normal elements tags in HTML. We demonstrate the break tag in HTML and how it is used in our HTML documents. We look at the image tag and discus why it is considered an empty tag in HTML. We discuss the use of nested elements in HTML and how nested elements are properly structured in the HTML document. We look at a demonstration of improperly nesting tags and properly nested tags. Properly nesting tags is very important to proper HTML page structure.