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Comments and Whitespace in HTML

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Title: Comments and Whitespace in HTML Category: HTML / HTML5

Topic: Essential Training Series Publish Date: 2015-01-16

Views: 198

Author: Mike King


In this tutorial we discuss and demonstrate how to use Comments and Whitespace in HTML. We start out discussing comments in HTML and how comments are entered into our HTML documents and why they are used. We demonstrate separating sections of the code using comments we look at how comments are used to assist in the troubleshooting of our HTML elements. We then move into demonstrating Whitespace in HTML and how White space is used to structure our document so that areas and sections are easier to read. We wrap up the tutorial by demonstrating the impact that Whitespace can have on the size of your HTML document. We create an example of an HTML minified file and demonstrate the difference in size of a normal HTML document and a minified HTML document. We discuss minified documents and why many developers use minified documents to speed up their web page loading.