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Structure of a Web Page - Part 1

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Title: Structure of a Web Page - Part 1 Category: HTML / HTML5

Topic: Essential Training Series Publish Date: 2015-02-02

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Author: Mike King


In this tutorial we break the HTML5 template down into its two sections. The doctype declaration and the document tree. We talk about the head element and the body element and explain that this tutorial will introduce the viewer to the sections of the head element and their importance to the web page. We start with an explanation of the DOCTYPE declaration and move head tag section. We explain the importance of having accurate information in the head element and how that information impacts many different aspects of the web page. We discuss the HTML Element and how that element is considered the root of the HTML web page. The HTML tag is the container for all other HTML element that are contained on the web page. We discuss the HEAD element and the types of information that it can contain. We discuss the TITLE element and all the different areas of the web page that are impacted by the content of title element.