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Structure of a Web Page - Part 2

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Title: Structure of a Web Page - Part 2

Category: HTML / HTML5
Topic: Essential Training Series
Publish Date: 2015-01-26
Views: 106
Author: Mike King


In Part 2 of this tutorial we continue our tutorial on the structure of the head section of our web page. We start by discussing the META element of the head section. We look at many areas of the META data element. We look at the many different attributes of the META element. We go into detain discussing the name / value pairs and how they are structured in our META element. We also discuss how are META elements are used to better organize our web page for search engines. We discuss the application-name attribute, the author attribute, the description attribute, the generator attribute, the keyword attribute, we discuss the contents that are required for these attributes. The tutorial covers keyword guidelines and bullet points on how to properly structure keywords for optimum indexing generation. We discuss the Google Key Word Tool box and the URL to those Google website admin tools that are available. We discuss the new character encoding META tag that is now available in HTML5 and highlight where all the meta tags are located in our template document.