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There are 30 PHP tutorials in the database.

This section of the website covers the tutorials that are posted for the PHP development environment. The tutorials are broken down into two sections. The Essential Training Section covers the fundamentals of the scripting language. These tutorials teach the fundamentals of the programming language. The Projects Section covers projects that are focused around the programming language and individual tutorials on unique aspects of the programming language.

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PHP - Essential Training Tutorials

Tutorial TitleLengthViews
What is PHP?12:4055
Using PHP in Web Design4:1456
Using Comments in PHP.5:5554
Variables in PHP17:3755
Expressions and Data Types in PHP12:1252
Understanding Quotation Marks in PHP8:3557
The IF Statement in PHP.19:5256
The IF / ELSE Statement in PHP13:5955
Functions in PHP - Part 123:4254
Functions in PHP - Part 223:3654
The Switch Case Statement17:0253
Arrays - Part 122:3354
Arrays - Part 29:0852
The Echo Statement7:4253
The Print Statement7:0053
Operators in PHP - Part 118:3954
Operators in PHP - Part 218:4755
Operators in PHP - Part 316:5552
Sorting Arrays in PHP13:5662
Working with the Date Function in PHP - Part 137:29161
Working with the Date Function in PHP - Part 227:19188
The FOR Loop29:1754
The While Loop in PHP32:3552
The For / Each Loop19:1053
The Do While Loop9:5854
Reading a Text File using PHP25:5553

Number of Essential Training Tutorials: 26.

PHP - Project Training Tutorials

Tutorial TitleLengthViews
Building a Hit Counter using PHP - Part 121:2055
Building a Hit Counter using PHP - Part 221:3756
Building a Hit Counter using PHP - Part 326:3553
Building a Hit Counter using PHP - Part 429:4653

Number of Project Training Tutorials: 4.